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Mission: To raise an individual

  •  who adapted Atatürk’s principles and revolutions and who embraced a peace and democracy perception.

  • who can participate actively in life and who can use time efficiently.

  • who is honest, trustful, and tolerant in his / her relations with people and who can communicate well.

  • who is self-confident and who has self-control.

  • who knows how to share and who prefers cooperation rather than division of tasks.

  • who has advanced aesthetic sense and vision and who can reflect this to his / her life.

  • who can make use of his / her mother tongue and who can speak French and English well.

  • who can understand the importance of Turkish social values and who can struggle for these values.

  • who can take responsibility of him / herself and who can be in harmony with his / her peers.

  • who respects intellectual and physical labor.

  • who has critical and analytical thinking power.

  • who has thirst for knowledge and who can search for the ways of acquiring knowledge.

  • who can find creative solutions and who can try to solve the problems in constructive ways.

  • who perceives knowledge as the source of competence and dignity.