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ROSE is a project co-funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union. The partnership has been conceived against youth’s unemployment that have been upsetting strongly Europe’s society in the last 5 years. The project's motivation is identified by the specific objectives of the ERASMUS+ Programme which are to improve the level of key competences and skills with particular regard to their relevance for the labour market and to foster quality improvements, innovation excellence and internationalization at the level of education through enhanced transnational cooperation.

The motivation of making the STEM disciplines more attractive to students in schools is to contribute to the headline education target of the Europe 2020 Strategy, in other words, to reduce the school-drop-out rates by informing the students at an early stage about the possibilities that an education in the STEM disciplines can offer them. Particularly by presenting to them the specific fields of robotics and automation the project aims to encourage them and be an incentive for choosing to continue their study instead of dropping out. 

Since this project has started we've done questionnaires, field trips to Italy and Portuguese and lots of presentations on robot works. We're planning on repeating the questionnaires as at the end of the project to see how we evolved through it. We've also started learning C++. You can never learn enough, can you? That has two reasons behind it- We need to get used to it, and we thought we would need to use it for the ROSE project. We're planning on this project being yet another successful one for us. 

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