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Our Robotics Family© event which took place at the beginning of 2020 Infinite Recharge season made us believe in the power of Force for Change


On Saturday, January 4, 2019, we achieved another success as Team 3390. We hosted one of the Kickoff events that will reveal game rules of 2020 season theme in 160 different locations. In our ANKARA KICKOFF'20 event, where 8 FRC teams and 140+ students participated, we started our ROBOTICS FAMILY © event, which will become a traditional event with experts. 3 professors and 3 experts,  made presentations to the guests consisting of school directors,mentors and parents.Within 18-minutes time they made talks on informatics, 21st century basic skills, robotics and technology. After these talks, we organized workshops held by 8 Team 3390 members.

While trying to create the concept of ROBOTICS FAMILY ©  our aim was to revise the necessary human condition in the changing world and the principles in the education of the future. We aimed to guide and inspire people and to show them new perspectives. According to Team 3390, it is important to look at change, problems, innovations and education from different perspectives.


Edgar Morin says education loses its value when it is defined as introducing desired behavior, and from this philosophy, it is necessary to question the thoughts and bring a critical perspective to the human condition. Our team has brought together interdisciplinary infrastructures in the Kickoff event, allowing them to be learnt from different points of view by getting out of traditional issues.

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