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TEAM 3390 Anatolian Eaglebots is a team in Ankara, TURKEY that aims to help young people familiarize with STEM and FRC within the ecosystem they created. With the mission of influencing students to pursue their higher education to work for the future workforce, we wish to cultivate the opportunity to inspire others with the message of FIRST.

We believe if students can realize their true potentials, they will be able to grow mentally and feel motivated to develop in their lives. In our team every team member is valuable. We unite to succeed. By maintaining a nurturing environment, we appreciate what we do and never give up. Our members are trained to be well-educated decision makers and this is only possible when they learn from their experience. They develop abilities and behaviors that help them deal with the events and challenges of everyday life effectively. We aim to empower our members with the skills that allow them to handle everything from interactions with others to identifying and processing their emotions.

Throughout their lives, students will have many tasks or jobs. For this reason what can you do today to bring different sources together will produce solutions that have positive social consequences.

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"With unconditional love to universal knowledge..."

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The success of our team wouldn't be possible without the help of our sponsors.
Our sponsors provide us with our transportation vehicles, materials and financing resources. Their generosity allowed us to expand our robot family over the years and make us spokespersons for FIRST.



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