The success of our team is not possible without the help of our many sponsors.Our sponsors provide us with our transportation vehicles, materials and financing resources. Their generosity allowed us to expand our robot family over the years and make us spokespersons for FIRST.

What Our Sponsors Gain

They invest future labor force which has science and technology abilities, 

They support worker benevolence,

They give their employees the opportunity to do teamwork,

They inspire their own engineers and scientists,

They raise our country's brain power and set a good example, 

They support learners and improve the robot technologies,

They help the society understand the importance of future technologies (such as robot technologies),

They earn the teenagers' love and respect by helping them improve themselves,

They build the future,

They have the opportunity of making focused dvertisement,

They take pride in being a socially responsible company and get recognized by joining this project which generates helpful solutions for the world.