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On 18 September 2021as Tevfik Fikret schools robotics team we organized the World Cleanup Day event at our school. For this event millions of people from different countries all encouraged to take part in cleanups and to find solutions to tackle mismanaged waste.World Cleanup Day aims to raise awareness of the mismanaged waste crisis by mobilizing all spheres of society to participate in cleanup actions. We also  wanted to inform our friends on this special day.We designed posters and hang them all around our school. We talked to our friends, teachers and staff in order to raise awarness of on the importance of a clean world.


Our slogan was 'THERE IS NO OTHER WORLD'






On 15 September 2018 we had another event by the help of 8th graders and the teachers in our school and we cleaned our neighborhood . We walked along the streets and cleaned all the thrash that had been thrown away for 2 hours. We also had the chance to meet some people of our neighborhood. We talked to them about the project. They said they were really impressed by our efforts. Our goal while doing this project was not only cleaning our neigborhood, but also raising awareness about this topic. 


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