As the Tevfik Fikret schools robotics

team we attended the World Cleanup Day event on September 15th. For this event that millions of people from nearly  150 countries participate for cleaning their countries , we wanted to clean the surroundings of our school. With the help of 8th graders and the teachers in our school, we cleaned our neighborhood .

 We wandered through the streets and cleand all the thrash that has been thrown on them for 2 hours. And we also got the chance to meet the reeve of our neighborhood. We talked about the project. He was really impressed by our effort.

 Our goal while doing this project was not only cleaning our neigborhood, we also wanted to raise awareness about this topic. We hope that those who saw us cleaning will be effected . Maybe they would participate in the event next year, and even if they can’t, they can simply throw their thrash in the thrash cans instead of throwing them on the street.

 See? Making world a better place for yourself and the animals surrounding you, is that easy.

to be clean and covered in green?everydayAnd who wouldn’t want the streets they see