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Devrim X

General features:
Name: Devrim X
Condition: In service
Dimensions: 68x82x105  

Weight : 55.8 kg

Competition Achievements:
2019- FRC Silicon Valley Reginol San Francisco- Judges' Award

Robot Features:

Fast and stable construction with a CNC cut 8 wheel chassis with 8-inch pneumatic wheels, a movement system with 4 CIM motors, chained power transport system and custom gear boxes.

Its main body is made with 5mm aluminum which is cut by a CNC machine, the power transport pieces are printed with a 3D printer. It is capable of getting both the cargos and the hatch panels, and putting them in the right place.

It can reach the rocket and the cargoship with its elevator system which can go up to 220cm and can carry approximately 30kg. With its unique design that can lift the elevator with a steel wire and a CNC cut lifter, the elevator system is quick and stable.

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