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When we thought of making a presentation for our school's kindergarten students , we certainly had FIRST's inspiration mission in mind. Our desire to create awareness in young children, our goal to introduce them to technology, let us had a pleasant day.



As TEAM 3390, we introduced our robot  to kindergarden students in order to increase the awareness of our little brothers and sisters. We were surprised when they asked us questions that never came to our minds .They were like juries, and once again we understood that learning by living, doing and asking plays an important role in the advancement of generations.

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We explained the notions of robot and coding to the children.We introduced our robot and let volunteers drive our robot. We showed the information that the students have learned in Microsoft's training to them visually.

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When the lives of scientists, engineers, and inventors who have made great and lasting discoveries in history examined; it is seen that important part of them have been learning from curiosity, scientific experiments, observations, and practices since childhood and in this way they have been living in science since childhood.


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As the Team 3390 Anatolian Eaglebots, we also organized an event collaborating with Microsoft in 35th International Informatics Congress. Microsoft gave training on basic algorithms to children who are members of martyrs and veteran families. We also take part in this training and we have inspired the children whose families have sacrificed themselves in order to fulfill their duties for their homeland.

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