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8798   DAMAS ROBO         


DAMAS ROBO  8798 is a team that we started after our Hackathon event 'Leave No
One Behind.'



We want to prove that whatever the conditions are any disadvantage group can become a part of FIRST Community if we ensure that appropriate educational opportunities and environments are designed and implemented for them .



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We wanted to make a difference and we explained to our teammates, then to other teams and our sponsors, that it is necessary to invest in the education of refugees, otherwise they would not be able to live independently, find jobs, and contribute to their communities.

Regarding this important issue, TEAM3390 contacted UN Refugee Organization UNHCR and FRC Teams. We organized a Hackathon for our refugee friends to improve themselves in the fields of software, effective use of time in case of a situation, game development and animation technologies with the support of us FRC teams. At the end of this event, we started DAMAS ROBO and we are still mentoring them.

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In order to carry out activities that improve the life  quality of children with CP , we needed the support of FIRST and sponsors so that we will implement innovative and adaptive approaches within the framework of these children's interest level and abilities.After long meetings and researches we contacted SERÇEV and started a team for SERÇEV Accessible Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School. 


FRC Team  8863 is a team in Eskişehir, TURKEY that aims to help young people get to know STEM and FRC within the ecosystem they have created. It aims to raise awareness by running engineering and social support projects for deaf youth and young people with hearing disabilities. With a mission to influence students to pursue their higher education to work for the future workforce, we want to enhance the opportunity to inspire others with the FIRST message. We believe that students can realize their true potential, develop mentally and be motivated to improve in their lives.


Eternals Robotics was founded by Computer Engineer Burak UYANIK and TEAM 3390 Mentor Müfit ALKAYA in 2021 as Turkey's first deaf FRC Robot team. 

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