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STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics - a system that encourages the curiosity of scouts. It gives the opportunity to explore concepts such as scouting in STEM and to learn how it is used in daily life and the professional world.

In order to incorporate young scouts into science, technology, engineering and mathematics, we trained girls and boys scouts on basic construction techniques for LEGO robots in our program at ROBOSchool.

The purpose of this project is to train better problem solvers, critical thinkers and inspiring leaders. We gave the scouts information on building a robot, creating an application, and making a design.

Based on the philosophy of 'Think Like an Engineer', especially for girl scouts, we held practical activities. We asked the scouts to brainstorm how to solve a problem by saying 'Think Like a Programmer'. We wanted them to 'Think Like a Scientist' so that they will learn how to solve problems using the scientific methods and some other  aspects of it similar to scouting. When we asked them to think like 'a Space Scientist', we aimed to make them realize that there were different and more exciting things than they could imagine, observe and explore.

During the scout training, we taught scouts the safe working practices of electronics and how to use the equipment responsibly, how to regulate a machine for a certain period of time and  safety rules for machine maintenance.

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